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Weight Loss Management

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What’s standing between you and your body goals? Whatever it may be, don’t wait to talk with Khalida Yasmin, MD at Premier Wellness Clinics about weight-loss management. He helps people who’ve tried to lose weight in the past but haven’t succeeded. With medical supervision, nutrition support, and treatment, their team gives you what you need to reach a healthy weight. To get started, call the office in Little Elm and Frisco, Texas, or make your appointment online today.

Weight Loss Management Q & A

What is weight-loss management?

Weight-loss management is a program the team at Premier Wellness Clinics offers to help people get the treatment and support they need to lose weight and keep it off. 

While other weight-loss programs focus on a specific aspect of weight loss — like what you eat or how much you exercise — the Premier Wellness Clinics program delivers comprehensive care. 

Your weight-loss management program starts with a thorough assessment of your body and lifestyle. Then, Dr. Yasmin, MD, Dr. Shakil, MD, MBA, and the team customizes the weight-loss management program for you, helping you make changes that don’t just help you lose weight but also help you maintain your results long-term.  

Will I still have to diet and exercise with weight-loss management?

Yes. In order for your body to burn fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume. That means monitoring what you eat and exercising regularly to support and speed your body’s fat-burning ability. 

That said, the weight-loss management program at Premier Wellness Clinics isn’t like commercial diet programs or other weight-loss systems. It doesn’t stop with diet and exercise. The team takes the time to get to know you and to assess your specific body. 

That way, they can identify potential roadblocks to weight loss, like thyroid disorders or hormonal imbalances. They implement the treatment needed to correct any problems in your body, allowing you to lose weight faster and more easily. 

What should I expect with weight-loss management?

During your first weight-loss management appointment, you and the team at Premier Wellness Clinics talk about your weight-loss goals and any weight-loss techniques you’ve tried so far. You also discuss what you usually eat, how much you usually exercise, and other lifestyle factors that affect your weight. 

Then, your practitioner builds a personalized weight-loss management program for you. Your program includes:

  • Medical supervision, with regular check-ins with Dr. Yasmin, MD, Dr. Shakil, MD, MBA, or another member of the team
  • Personalized nutrition guidance
  • Personalized exercise guidance
  • Treatment for any health conditions that prevent weight loss
  • Answers to any questions that arise through your program

Throughout the weight-loss management program, the Premier Wellness Clinics team walks alongside you, helping you reach each successive weight-loss milestone. At the same time, they help you make sustainable lifestyle changes so you can maintain your weight-loss results long-term.

If you’re ready to reach your goal weight, call Premier Wellness Clinics or make your appointment online today. 

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