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Sports Physicals

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If your son or daughter plays sports, you’re probably familiar with the need to get a sports physical each season. Those sports physicals don’t have to be a hassle. At Premier Wellness Clinics in Little Elm and Frisco, Texas, Khalida Yasmin, MD, and their team offer convenient, quality sports physicals that double as an opportunity to assess your child’s overall health. To schedule a sports physical for your child, call the office or make an appointment online today.

Sports Physicals Q & A

When does my son or daughter need sports physicals?

Generally, the sports team will tell you when your child needs to get their physical. Usually, this physical is required before the start of each season. 

Schools almost always require these physicals before any student can participate in a school sport and many club sports teams also mandate them. 

If you’re not sure if or when your child needs a sports physical, reach out to their coach or team to inquire. If you find out they need a physical on short notice, don’t worry. Premier Wellness Clinics offers convenient sports physicals with all of the required paperwork to get your child approved to play their sport. 

Why are sports physicals important?

Sports physicals aren’t just extra paperwork or headache. With these exams, you can rest easy knowing your son or daughter is physically healthy enough to engage in their sport without posing any threat to their growth or development. 

This way, you can cheer them on from the sidelines without having to worry that the sport is putting unsafe stress on their young body. 

It can be helpful to think of the sports physical as a wellness appointment instead of just another to-do on your list. With this visit to Premier Wellness Clinics, their providers have the opportunity to appraise your son or daughter’s health. Then, you, your child, and their practitioner can discuss any changes your child needs to make to stay healthy as they grow. 

What happens during a sports physical?

Premier Wellness Clinics adjusts the sports physical based on the requirements laid out by the team/school that requires the physical. Generally, you and your child can expect your practitioner to check their:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Vision
  • Blood pressure
  • Posture
  • Heart and lung function
  • Abdomen

A sports physical for your child is similar to the annual wellness physical you receive as an adult. It’s an opportunity to meet with Dr. Yasmin or Dr. Shakil so they can screen for relevant health conditions and talk with you and your child about their wellness goals. 

If you have any questions about your child’s health or development, don’t hesitate to ask them during the sports physical. 

To schedule your son or daughter’s sports physical, call Premier Wellness Clinics or make your appointment online today. 

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