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Double Chin

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Is a double chin keeping you from putting your best face forward? To stride confidently into a room, ask Khalida Yasmin, MD, and the team about WarmSculpting™ Profile treatment with SculpSure®. With this innovative double chin treatment, he has a noninvasive, no-downtime way to destroy the fat cells under your chin. For a more slender profile, call Premier Wellness Clinics in Little Elm and Frisco, Texas, or make your appointment online today.

Double Chin Q & A

What causes a double chin?

You might assume that excess fat under the chin is linked to excess fat elsewhere on your body. Being overweight can contribute to the development of more fat cells under your chin, but other factors can also contribute to submental fullness, or fat under your chin. 

Some of the other causes of a double chin include:

  • Genetics
  • Loose skin
  • Posture
  • Aging

Whatever’s causing your double chin, the team has a way to address it. With WarmSculpting Profile treatment with SculpSure, they’ll give you a way to target the fat cells under your chin and get rid of them without affecting your skin. 

How does WarmSculpting Profile double chin treatment work?

During this treatment, your skilled provider applies the SculpSure device to the area under your chin. The SculpSure device sends laser energy safely through the surface of your skin into the fat cells beneath it. 

As the laser targets the fat cells, it heats them, causing structural damage to the cells it reaches. At the same time, the laser energy helps tighten the skin under your chin, addressing laxity. 

Then, your body’s lymphatic system goes to work processing and removing the damaged cells. Over the coming weeks, you see your results improve as your lymphatic system removes more of the treated fat cells. By 12 weeks, you’ll enjoy your full results. 

The treatment takes just 25 minutes and comes with no downtime. 

Who can get this double chin treatment?

While other body-contouring treatments only work for individuals below a certain body mass index (BMI), WarmSculpting Profile treatments are FDA-approved for people with a BMI of up to 49. 

Additionally, if you have a narrow jawline, they can use the petite version of the SculpSure device to give you a good fit and the best results. 

If you’re bothered by a double chin, there’s a very high likelihood that WarmSculpting Profile treatment with SculpSure can help you. Don’t hesitate to talk to Dr. Shakil or Dr. Yasmin at Premier Wellness Clinics about this treatment. 

To get started with WarmSculpting Profile treatment for your double chin, call the office or make your appointment online today. 

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