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Chronic Disease Management

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If you’re one of the 6 in 10 American adults living with a chronic disease, dedicated care can make all the difference. At Premier Wellness Clinics in Little Elm and Frisco, Texas, Khalida Yasmin, MD, and her dedicated care team use integrative medicine to give you comprehensive, personalized treatment for chronic disease management. For specialized medical care that helps you manage your disease and lead your healthiest, most balanced life, call the office or schedule a visit online today.

Chronic Disease Management Q & A

What is chronic disease management?

If you’re living with a chronic disease, it’s important that you don’t just live with your disease. Doing nothing to treat it causes symptoms and takes a toll on your overall well-being. 

If you’ve seen a health care provider, and they’ve given you basic treatment (usually, prescription medication) that only masks your symptoms, it’s time to visit the team at Premier Wellness Clinics. 

Dr. Yasmin, MD, and her team take an integrative medicine approach. That means they don’t just look at your condition or, worse yet, your symptoms. They look at you as a whole person, taking the time to get to know you, your health history, and your preferences. Only then do they start to build a treatment program for you. 

With chronic disease management, their goal is to not just minimize your symptoms, but also to give your body what it needs to function its best with your chronic disease. 

What kind of chronic diseases can be treated?

At Premier Wellness Clinics, their practitioners treat patients with a wide variety of chronic diseases. Some of the conditions they most commonly treat include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Chronic kidney disease

They also treat rare chronic diseases. If you’re interested in learning if the team can provide chronic disease management for your specific condition, don’t hesitate to call the office and ask. 

How does chronic disease management work?

At Premier Wellness Clinics, they personalize your chronic disease management program to you. Their goal is to give you the treatment your body needs to function its best alongside lifestyle changes that support your overall wellness. 

In fact, a number of the most common chronic diseases can be treated with lifestyle changes like:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Quitting smoking
  • Managing stress
  • Eating a nutritious, balanced diet
  • Reducing alcohol use
  • Reducing sodium consumption

They will partner with you, using integrative medicine techniques and treatments. This means they will assess your body as a whole and can pull from both conventional and alternative medicine treatments to deliver the right care for you. 

Get started with personalized chronic disease management by calling Premier Wellness Clinics or making your appointment online today. 

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